Alloymed Foldable Stretcher

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1, 2 & 4 Fold Stretchers

Foldable emergency stretcher
Produced in anticorrosive anodised aluminium,
with PVC coated polyester sheet,

Fire-retardant and anti putridit.

Finger safe aluminium feet and special “NCF” zinc plated steel hinges

Load Limit : 120kg

Approx. Open size : 203 X 50 X 14cm
Approx. Closed size : 96 X 17 X 15cm

#6022 1 Fold Stretcher, 7Kg
#6018 2 Fold Stretcher, 6.5Kg
#6018-4 4 Fold Stretcher, 7.5Kg

First Aid Range lores


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