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The Company Logo
consists of the following parts symbolising

“Cog Wheel”  a gear being in contant action
Progressiveness in the Industries of

Medical Scissors” of the Medical Industry

“Test Tube” of the Scientific Industry


Progress Healthcare B&W Brand logo


History of our company

Progress Healthcare is a Singapore pioneer of the medical industry, being established in 1968. 

It serves the medical industries with high quality medical, surgical & scientific equipment including surgical consumables, surgery gloves, single use medical disposable products, medical equipment like patient monitoring devices, ecgs and first aid supplies and other surgical sundries conforming to International Standards and Accreditations.

It serves a niche market within the Healthcare Industry due to its retail showroom with the capability of direct hospital access.

Our Role in Society

In today’s fast-changing business environment, the society and beyond needs an immediate response with sizable product supplies in order respond to urgent healthcare needs.

We have been able to provide an immediate response to all of the below events :
AIDS – 1980s
SARS – 2003
H1N1 – 2008

Our Expertise

The medical industry supplies requires a constant re-inventing of product offerings.

The cumulative resources and experience in Progress Healthcare have enabled the company to build up an elaborate marketing and distribution network in Singapore as well as a household brand for the Healthcare market in Singapore and South East Asia. In keeping with and at times being ahead of the times, its comprehensive list of products truly makes Progress Healthcare a one-stop shop.