Wide range of products in stock and ready to protect against variant Omicron! Our select range of protective products on Shopee For Your Convenience! Progress Healthcare’s COVID-19 Select Range * As featured on Singapore Newspapers, Television channels mask-up Edutainment and Overseas media.  

2016 Darren Lim MediaCorp Artiste visits

Darren Lim, former Mediacorp artiste. Thanks for coming by! Find out more about Darren Lim @  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darren_Lim

Melintex stands for Medical Linen and Textile The range comprises of disposables including and not limited to Masks, Catheters, Isolation Gowns, Shoe Covers, very much anything single use. Please search for products of interest by using the SEARCH box located at the top right hand corner.

  The 2015 Kinesio Taping Association International Research Symposium will be held November 21-23 in Tokyo, Japan. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary event, not only do we have a fantastic line up of international presenters, but KTAI also added some bonus features to this year’s event! In addition to presentations, posters, workshops and keynote speakers,…

UPDATE June 2015 – Clinical Technologies is partnered with the New Zealand Arthritis Association for their Percutane and Traumitane rubs Mr. Warwick Lightbourne, inventor of the Traumitane and Percutane homeopathy arnica rubs talks about injury prevention over his award winning career as a long distance runner. Inventor of the Percutane and Traumitane Rubs contain arnica which…

A KT1/2 Class was held with Mathias Puhr, CKTI over 20th and 21st June.

      ASIA’S FIRST IASTM COURSE Hosted by Progress Healthcare Speaker and Inventor : Mr. Jab Wan, Certified Osteopath Topic : Massage with Steel Instrumentation Compares against : Manual massage, myofascial techniques, other IASTM tools.

Kinesio Taping Legacy Class for Gym & Fitness Date : 2nd May 2015 @ Aileron Wellness Gym | Amara Sanctuary Guest Speaker : Dr. Kenzo Kase We had the honour and privilege to host Dr. Kenzo Kase’s Legacy Class in Singapore at Sentosa with Aileron Wellness Gym and Team coordinating a regional effort of health…

Kinesio Tex Tape is the Original muscle tape, the successful use of which depends on the skill and expertise of the medical professional. Dr. Kase joined us during the World Congress for Physiotherapy and showcased his medical analysis and elastic taping knowledge to show why he is the Founder of the Kinesio Taping Method. The…

I asked “Are you Jojo Jogeee…” and he said “Yes… I am …. Superman”

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