Kinesio Tex Tape is the Original muscle tape, the successful use of which depends on the skill and expertise of the medical professional. Dr. Kase joined us during the World Congress for Physiotherapy and showcased his medical analysis and elastic taping knowledge to show why he is the Founder of the Kinesio Taping Method. The…

OCBC Cycle 2014

We’ve had quite a few visitors come by for the Traumitane / Percutane arnica rubs Made in New Zealand, these homeopathic rubs are all natural (except for the glucosamine content found in the mentholated Traumitane). Traumitane and Percutane rubs see regular action in sponsorship and freebie give-aways because we want to consumers to know how…

  Brands Exhibited Kinesio Tex Tape (Japan) | ZAMST Braces (Japan) | Gymna Shockmaster500 (Belgium) Equa Gel Cushion (USA) with Mr. Dan Hill, President of EquaGel LLC

CHINA CMEF 2012 EquaGel Cushion We are seeking representation in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand. For more information on Equa Gel cushions, please Click Here!   

 THETFORD PORTA POTTI from HOLLAND Instant Portable Flushing Commode Supplied to the Marine, Camping, Military, Party ~ just about anywhere.              

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