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REtail shop FAQ

#1. Order made through Website

Thank you for your order. Kindly note that all items sold are assumed to be picked up at our showroom.

If courier is required, please feel free to call your own. Do note for every order received, we check for :

1. Stock availability of product.

2. Request for payment and confirmation of pricing
Payment can be completed by Paynow, please send our receipt to your appointed courier as that helps us identify your service provider.

3. Goods are released for collection upon receipt of payment

Due to possible risk of PDPA breach, records of clients on this webpage will be deleted after 2 weeks.

#2. Receipt Issuance

As we are regulated by medical device licensing, our conformance to the below points may affect delivery :

1. Individual Product Lot / Batch. This is necessary for Clinics and/or Medical Professionals and/or Controlled Products.

2. Our POS Receipt (similar to those issued by NTUC) is issued on receipt of payment within the same day.

#3. product recommendations

Your presence at our showroom is appreciated.

If you are currently using certain products, please take photos of product + labels so we can pick exact products.

#4. Available Payment options

Payment Methods are Cash, Nets, Paynow.

#5. product returns & refunds

Sterile devices once sold are strictly not exchangeable nor returnable. Please note this point as the law adheres our enforcement to this standard.

For non-sterile devices, kindly use products and keep all original packaging. Products must be returned in good and saleable condition. Do call to  inform us immediately as this will affect our admistrative efforts. Once the stock position is pushed out after 3 working days, the chance of returns is reduced.

A re-stocking fee of 15% – 30% may apply.

#6. Calling Your Own Courier

Kindly note that risk and title of goods belong to the customer once the goods leave our premises.

Clients calling their courier helps us maintain retail efficiency by focusing on product availability and sales.

The benefits to clients are :
1. Personal details stay personal
2. Quicker response to delivery tracking, cost sensitivity and timings to avoid.
3. Couriers have a system resolution of re-delivery if 1st one fails.

IMPT : send our receipt to your courier so we can identify collection.
Grab says they are Grab (and we say we are attractive) which is hardly the point. Please show us our receipt for collection as there are multiple courier contacts any given day.

#7. No Stock and Indent Concerns

Occasionally some products will be on backorder (meaning 0 stock in showroom). 100% upfront payment will be requested for the following scenarios :

  1. Products to be ordered.
  2. Products that are specially indented for specific client.

Indent Period can be affected by multiple lead times, and sometimes our lead times are less accurate or stretched due to  :

  • Manufacturer production
  • Shipping delay affecting freight forwarder
  • Shipping delay affecting agent

Or just a normal day-to-day restocking of goods from warehouse with minimal lead-time.

#8. Preferred Mode of Communication

Our preferred mode of contact is by :

1. WhatsApp
2. Call / Email

In event of emergency, our response time is the fastest.

Viewpoint of Ambulances & EMT personnel

Wide range of supplies, immediately available.

Viewpoint of Private Household Customers