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Kinesio Taping Legacy Class for Gym & Fitness
Date : 2nd May 2015 @ Aileron Wellness Gym | Amara Sanctuary
Guest Speaker : Dr. Kenzo Kase

We had the honour and privilege to host Dr. Kenzo Kase’s Legacy Class in Singapore at Sentosa with Aileron Wellness Gym and Team coordinating a regional effort of health and wellness enthusiasts and professionals.

Dr. Kase is on a round the world mission to Tape the World for Health.

The class objective was to showcase the latest Kinesio FingerPrint Tape and expert usage which allows sensitive patients who are allergic or quickly develop a quick reaction to even the 30 year old market standard. With the epidermis casting method, the KTAI (Kinesio Taping Association International) has created an extremely light approach which helps patients build a tolerance to more tape application at a later date.

Kinesio Tape, less tape is more.

Appreciation goes out to Mathias Puhr, CKTI who was opening speaker. Mr Puhr works as a full-time physiotherapist at Physio Active, CBD.

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