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Actisorb Plus 25

10.5cm x 10.5cm, Box of 10s
A silver antimicrobial, activated charcoal dressing
ACTISORB® Plus 25 is designed to protect the wound from infection whilst trapping wound malodour.
ACTISORB® Plus 25 has been shown to be effective in the treatment of bacterially contaminated wounds1 even though silver release into the wound is minimal.

ACTISORB® Plus 25 dressing is suitable as the first therapeutic step in the management of all chronic wounds. It is indicated for: fungating carcinomas, ulcerative, traumatic and surgical wounds where bacterial contamination, infection or odour occurs.

The elemental silver has been shown to be effective against microbes in lab studies, without hindering cell proliferation.
Additionally the benefits of the dressing in critically colonized wounds and non-healing wounds have been demonstrated clinically on over 12,000 patients.