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AeroChamber Plus* Valved Holding Chamber with Flow-Vu* Inspiratory Flow Indicator

The AeroChamber Plus* Valved Holding Chamber (or ‘chamber’) with Flow-Vu* Inspiratory Flow Indicator (or ‘indicator’) is a medical device designed to help improve delivery of pressurized metered dose inhaler (puffer) medications to your lungs.  It helps overcome the coordination problems many people have arising from the misuse of their inhaler.
The AeroChamber Plus* chamber with Flow-Vu* indicator may have either a mask or mouthpiece – and will hold the medication for a short time until you are ready to inhale it.  Without a chamber, medication may get trapped in your mouth or throat, which can leave a bad taste and often means that some of the medication isn’t reaching your lungs.
People who experience respiratory problems may be prescribed an inhaler to either control their symptoms or prevent future occurrences. Aerosol medications are effective because they act quickly with few side effects, however many studies have shown that only a few people actually use their inhaler correctly.To be most effective, the inhaler should be pressed during inhalation to optimize the medication delivery to the deepest part of the lungs. Effective delivery of the medication to the lungs is difficult because inhalers deliver the medication dose at a very high rate of speed. The AeroChamber Plus* chamber with Flow-Vu* indicator slows the speed of medication for optimal inhalation that helps ensure medication particles are delivered deep into the lungs.
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BPA_free256Bisphenol A (BPA) is a controversial chemical that is used to enhance the clarity and durability of some clear, plastic products. The use of BPA is the subject of discussion, research and public scrutiny as it may lead to negative health effects.1
Though current findings indicate low health risks from exposure to BPA, experts have been unable to come to an agreement regarding appropriate safe levels for consumer products.2 Nevertheless, the Government of Canada has taken steps to ban the use of BPA in baby bottles to reduce newborn and infant exposure.

The AeroChamber Plus* chambers with Flow-Vu* indicator is manufactured without any BPA to eliminate any possible patient risk. The medications taken with our chambers are critical to your health and it is our responsibility to lead in the development of innovative, consumer friendly products.


Different people have very different needs, so we designed a family of AeroChamber* brand chambers to cater to the different needs. The Flow-Vu* Indicator provides important inspiratory feedback – and can only be found on AeroChamber* brand chambers.

AeroChamber ACIFI_SmM140Small Mask (0 – 18 months)

Anatomically shaped facemask creates a secure seal using minimal effort – critical for parents and caregivers administering aerosol medications to infants.

AeroChamber ACIFI_MdM140Medium Mask (1 – 5 years)
Slightly larger mask will provide a secure seal as the child grows.
AeroChamber ACIFI_MP140 (1)Mouthpiece (5 years+)
Guidelines recommend patients be transitioned to a mouthpiece product as soon as they are able – usually around 5 years of age.
AeroChamber ACIFI_LgM140Large Mask (5 years+)

Suitable for patients who may have difficulty with a mouthpiece, or who prefer the security a mask provides (e.g. elderly or older youth).