BD Bodyguard Microset

BD Bodyguard Microset
Infusion sets that are specifically designed to optimize the outcomes of different therapies administered with the BD BodyGuard infusion pumps.

From basic administration, to specialty sets for TPN, PCA, Epidural, Regional Anaesthesia and Oncology.

Features of the Range

  • All sets have a microbore tubing (1.6mm of inner bore) that translates to a low priming volume
  • As a safety feature, in all sets there is an anti-syphon valve that prevents against free flow and back flow
  • Filter sets with a 0.2 and 1.2 micron size for the use with specific drugs or TPN therapy
  • TPN set with a manual priming valve, a by-passable anti-syphon valve

Color coded sets for each therapy care area

  • PCA sets blue and blue striped
  • Epidural sets yellow and yellow striped
  • Regional anaesthesia sets grey and green
  • Light resistant sets to be used with light sensitive drugs
  • NRFit sets according to the new ISO standard (80369-6) to prevent misconnections in regional anaesthesia care setting
  • Low sorbing oncology sets designed for the administration of multiple secondary infusions through the SmartSite ports

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PCA set, PCA00001
PCA set, 100-184XSYK
PCA set, 100-184XSK