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BSN Soffban Plus

Brand BSN

BSN Soffban Plus

Synthetic Orthopaedic Padding
Soffban Plus Padding Bandages is a pack of synthetic orthopaedic padding bandages that provide a layer of cushion under long term bandages.

Lightweight and easily moulded to the skin, these bandages are the perfect padding to aid any healing process.

Also, containing the bacteriostatic agent Triclosan, these bandages provide excellent odour control and allow moisture to pass through to evaporate, thus minimising skin irritation.

Sizes available
66000464 S&N SOFFBAN PLUS 5.0CM*2.7M 12S
66000465 S&N SOFFBAN PLUS 7.5CM*2.7M 12S
66000466 S&N SOFFBAN PLUS 10.0CM*2.7M 12S

This product has been replaced with Alternative.