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Circle-Scope Lamp with Magnifying Glass

Circle-Scope Magnifying Lamps

Super accurate processing and parts repairing at the shop , parts assembling for electronic and machinery, design office and general office, precious metal processing, printing, sketch, plate making and other multipurposes.

Protective shield included prevents instruments from touching or breaking the bulb, protects your client’s face and eyes and helps reduce annoying glare.

Light Source- Energy efficient 22-Watt compact fluorescent that sheds even, shadow-free light.

It can also utilize eye-friendly Full Spectrum bulb for correct color viewing.
Circle Scope Magnifier Lens

Lens Option
Type A- 3x diopter magnifier lens systems
Type B- 5x diopters magnifier lens systems.

The Circle Scope, illuminated Multi Magnifiers, are designed to meet the daily usage requirements of today’s production industry. The flexible 360 degrees turn motion required standards by Lab Technicians and Engineering specialists are very much demanding on each lamp component. No other circle scope magnifier on the market can withstand such daily use.

The connection between the arm and the magnifier head is strategically positioned on top of the unit allowing for maximum positioning. Other magnifiers attached on the back of the head and do not give you the same range of motion or long lasting durability.
Arm-Floating arm stays where you put it. Special wing-screw adjustment fitting and top mounting allow for individual preferences and maximum positioning.
Finish- State-of-the-art power coat finish protects against scratches and abrasions; stays “New” looking for years even after constant usage.