Heine Examination Lamp

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Heine Examination Lamp

Long-life 12 V/20 W lamp. 4000 hours bulb life.
90,000 Lux light output at 30cm. Bright, white light.

Ultra-slim head.
More freedom of movement nd an unobstructed view for the examiner.

Built-in temperature filter
Avoids patient discomfort.

Exceeds all relevant quality standards
Guaranteed protection for the patient even if e.g. a bulb fails.

“Stay-put” construction of flexible section
Adjust the light to virtually any position and it “stays-put”, will not sag or droop.

Special non-tip wheeled stand
Resists tipping to improve safety in clinic and practice.





Input: 115 V~/ 60 Hz (1) , (see nameplate) 240 V~/ 50/60 Hz (2)

2 x 400 mA slow (1) , 2 x 200 mA slow (2)

Power consumption: 40 VA
Output: 12 V / 20 W
Bulb: 12 V / 20 W
Light beam angle: 10°
Bulb life: approx. 4000 hours
Colour Temperature: approx. 3200 K
Conditons of use: continuous (ambient temperature up to + 40 °C)
Classification: Type B
Weight with wall mount: 2.4 kg
Weight of clamp: 0.2 kg
Weight of wheeled stand: 3.2 kg
Length of Flexible arm: 114 cm
International Protection: IP 20
Equipment: Class I


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