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Brand Miki LogoMiKi Japanese Lightweight Wheelchair
Model : M808BW | MPT-43L

Cable Brake
Solid Tyre

MiKi M808BW SPEC Blue


MIKI Wheelchairs (Japan Quality)

MIKI of Japan provides only the most reliable quality products to our customers – YOU.

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MIKI products are made to rigorous Japanese manufacturing standards, and have a reputation to never offer products at a quality that is just “acceptable” – That is MIKI’s Brand Promise. This strict quality standard is ensured by MIKI engineers who carefully select the materials to ensure quality is not sacrificed.

MIKI Quality Materials and Standards

MIKI QUALITY MATERIALS (1)7003 aluminum to increase durability and flexibility MIKI QUALITY MATERIALS (2)Double layered tubes for all supporting areas MIKI QUALITY MATERIALS (3)Oval tubes to reinforce by increasing the welding area MIKI QUALITY MATERIALS (4)Double cross frame for stability and easy folding MIKI QUALITY MATERIALS (5)Dazzling frame finish by using the latest anodizing technology, which makes scratches less noticeable

MIKI Production and Testing Standards

MIKI TEST MACHINES (1)Static Stability Test MIKI TEST MACHINES (2)Two-Drum Fatigue Test
(200,000 cycles)
MIKI TEST MACHINES (3)Static Strength Test MIKI TEST MACHINES (4)Parts Strength Test MIKI TEST MACHINES (5)Backrest Impact Test

Catalogue MiKi Range