JUMPER FR202 Forehead Thermometer


Infrared Contactless Thermometer instantly measures the body temperature. JUMPER is particularly useful for temperature measurement of infants and young children.

ONE Second is all it takes!

Practical and effective
– Thermometer without contact, completely painless
– Does not awaken the child, silent operation.
– Temperature takingeven in darkness (back light HD LCD Display)
– Smart Fever Alert. Audio Alarms in case of excessive temperature
– Memorising 20 latest temperature scan
– Automatic Stop after 5 seconds (saver of energy)

Measuring range & Accuracy
– Forehead mode : 35 – 42.2℃ ± 0.2℃
– Object mode : 0 – 100.0℃ ± 1.0℃

– Infra-red Technology especially conceived to take the body temperature of a person without interference with surrounding heat.
– Reliable and stable Result of measurement.

– AA X 2 batteries
– Instruction booklet