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Kendrick Extrication Device

Kendrick Extrication Device (KED)

A KED is used in conjunction with a cervical collar to help immobilize a patient’s head, neck and spine in the normal anatomical position (neutral position). This position helps prevent additional injuries to these regions during vehicle extrication.

A KED wraps a person’s head, back, shoulders, and torso in a semi-rigid brace, immobilizing the head, neck and spine. Typically consists of two head straps, three torso straps, and two legs straps which are used to adequately secure the KED to the patient.

Useful for in-vehicle extrication to remove a stable patient from a motor vehicle. Unstable patients are extricated with rapid extrication techniques without applying a KED. KEDs can also be used to fully immobilize pediatric patients.

Technical Data
Opened 82 x 80cm | Net weight 4 kg