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Medizar Hard Surface Sanitiser

Medizar Sanitiser Products
Made in U.K.

Which other product kills 99.9999% of all bacteria, viruses etc?
Alcohol-free, Medizar is an effective yet gentle formula, it will not damage rubbers, plastics or metals even with prolonged use! It is not soapy and does not leave a sticky feel.

Food safe
Halal, does not contain alcohol-based irritants.
Skin Friendly! Eczema friendly, Psoariasis friendly and yet strong enough to be sporicidal!

Usage Instruction
Do not wash hands after use. Leave sanitiser to dry on hand.
Wash prior to having food.

General Anti-bacterial cleaner ideal where water may be used. Innovative Advanced Barrier Technology means that not only is it effective within seconds, it also continues to provide protection for at least 30 days, against tested organisms.

Cationic Surfactant, Nonionic Surfactant, Amphoteric Surfactant, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, BenzalAmmonium Chloride, Polybiguanide, Active Ingredients <10%.
Effective for up to 30 hours.

Quality Standards

BS EN 1275
BS EN 1276
BS EN 1500
BS EN 1650
BS EN 13697
BS EN 13704
BS EN 13727
BS EN 14348
BS EN 1656
BS EN 12791
BS EN 13623

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There are many anti-bacterial / hand sanitiser type products on the market.  These however have major disadvantages as they tend to be alcohol based, have no BS / EN Certification, will irritate and dry the skin and offer no barrier protection – they are only effective whilst the alcohol is still moist, normally just a few seconds.  Some products, even though labelled as ‘alcohol free’ still contain small percentages of alcohol.

MEDiZAR® sanitiser from the UK.
Supported by full BS/EN (British/European Standards) Certification

MediZar® is a hygiene revolution – powerful, gentle and long lasting, it is certified to kill MRSA and E.Coli in 30 seconds, and is guaranteed to kill 99.9999% of harmful and deadly bacteria & viruses including: MRSA, E.Coli, C-Difficile, Salmonella, C.Difficile, Listeria , Legionella.

MediZar® is the only unique product in the market with the following qualities :

    • tested and Certified to provide 30 days protection against tested bacteria on hard surface areas such as hospital floors, ambulances, ward furniture, ward surfaces, doors, washrooms, toilets, etc.
    • will provide 6 hours protection on the skin with one application
      Cost savings from having to do less applications.
    • completely alcohol free, Halal Certified
    • 100% Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable
    • NO Hazard Indicators and is Non-Irritant to the skin
      Skin friendly even to those with psoriasis and eczema and is completely irritant free.
    • gained BS EN Certificate 13697 (30 second kill) against MRSA & E.Coli
    • registered for the 2012 EU Biocidal Directive, and is fully compliant

Additional information

Weight 30 kg