Anti Malaria Mosquito Block


“JUST TOSS IT” MMF Mosquito Block is a hassle free product that employs the latest mono-molecular film (MMF) technology and is specially developed to tackle problematic stagnant water areas that breed mosquitoes. Upon contact with water, it naturally sinks to the base and develops into a sticky outer skin that adheres itself to the base after 30 minutes. This natural ability prevents it from being washed away and it is particularly useful in drains and rooftop gutters. As “JUST TOSS IT” MMF Mosquito Block does not require any external attachment or strings to prevent it from floating away, users need not clear any messy residue.

Approximate dimensions: 50mmØ x 25mm , 50g.

After attaching to the water base, “JUST TOSS IT” MMF Mosquito Block continuously releases MMF liquid that forms a layer of mono-molecular film on the water surface throughout the day. This transparent ultra-thin film lowers the surface tension of water and makes it difficult for mosquito larvae, pupae and emerging adults to attach to the water surface causing them to drown. Mosquito larvae/pupae will not have the chance to develop into fully grown mosquitoes. Female adults cannot lay eggs as they cannot land on the water surface. “JUST TOSS IT” MMF Mosquito Block controls all four stages of the mosquito life cycle, thus greatly reducing mosquito breeding.

Even after the rain washes away the existing layer on the water surface, new MMF will continuously be released, repeating the process described above, thus keeping the area continuously safe.

At the end of the treatment period of 30 days, “JUST TOSS IT” MMF Mosquito Block will be completely degraded and a fresh one should be tossed in again.

USAGE AREAS: This product is specially formulated to kill Aedes, Culex, Anopheles, Midges and many different species of mosquitoes during their larvae/pupae stages. Simply drop the “JUST TOSS IT” MMF Mosquito Block into stagnated pools of water. Recommended areas of application include man holes or inspection chambers, roof gutters, drains, bird baths, swamps, retention ponds, lakes, sewers which hold water and any place where water is able to accumulate and provide mosquitoes a place to breed.

APPLICATION: One “JUST TOSS IT” MMF Mosquito Block will cover 100 square meters of surface area for a minimum period of 30 days, subjected to climatic and water flow conditions. Odourless, non-toxic to mammals, birds and fish.

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