Novofine Pen Needle

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Novofine Pen Needle
Suitable for: B. Braun / Berlin Chemie / Lilly / Novo / Owen Mumford
31G 6mm x 0.25mm, Box of 100 pcs
30G 8mm x 0.30mm, Box of 100 pcs
28G 12mm x 0.36mm, Box of 100 pcs
NovoFine® is a simple to use screw-on needle with a safety cap.


Novofine hurts-lessThinner needles cause less pain, bleeding and bruising.
NovoFine® needles are thin, ultra-sharp, electro-polished, silicone coated, and have a tapered point to improve comfort of injection.
Thinner NovoFine® needles (higher G) reduce pain from injections compared to thicker needles with higher diameter.

Most people with diabetes prefer shorter, thinner needles

NovoFine® 6 mm and 8 mm needles are thin and short, which may minimises needle-related anxiety.
When asked, most adults and children with diabetes prefer NovoFine® 6 mm needles to longer 8 mm or 12 mm needles, even those injecting large insulin doses.
When asked, most people with diabetes preferred, and were more satisfied with, NovoFine® 32G needles than with thicker 31G

Thin wall technology improves insulin flow, reducing the time and effort needed to inject insulin

Superflow™ technology makes injection quicker and easier, reducing the effort needed to inject insulin. Improved insulin flow potentially reduces the time to administer a dose of insulin.

Shorter needles ensure that insulin is delivered into the correct layer of the skin

NovoFine® needles reliably deliver insulin in adults, children, and obese patients – reducing the risk of injection into muscle.
NovoFine® 6 mm needles used with a lifted skin-fold and a 90° injection angle results in close to a 100% rate of subcutaneous deposition in both obese and normal weight adults.

NovoFine® safety features

NovoFine® needles have an integrated glue tower to reduce the risk of needle breakage.