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Omron Nebuliser NE-C900


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OMRON Compressor Nebulizer
Model NE-C900
The NE-C900 CompAir Pro nebulizer is built to the highest specifications to provide complete patient care. It features a durable, high-output compressor that produces a high nebulization rate so that your patients receive more medication where they need it most. As well as OMRON’s unique two-part Smart Structure™ kit with only two parts to clean, making assembly and disassembly easy and giving you more time for direct patient care.
For added flexibility, the parts that contact the patient are composed of either PVC or polypropylene, making the NE-C900 CompAir Pro suitable for use in patients with latex allergies.
Uses OMRON’s unique two-part-Smart Structure Kit
Features a durable, high-output compressor
Efficiently delivers medication to the lower airway
Effective medication delivery with particle size of MMAD 3um
Efficient nebulization at a nebulization rate of 0.4ml/min
High output compressor for universal usage
Two-part structure Neb kit for easy assembly
Grip handle for easy handling and preparation
Box contains
Main unit + instruction manual
Air Tube + Nosepiece + Mouth piece
Spare air filter x 5 pcs
Adult & Child mask
Mouth piece
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