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Rocket CVS Needle

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Rocket® LX™ Chorionic Villus Sampling Set
CVS can be stressful for all concerned AND we know that our NEW Rocket® CVS Sets can help

We have worked with a leading Fetal Medicine Unit for over 2 years, to specifically develop a CVS Set which resolves the key problems of sharpness, ultrasound clarity and security of connection set.

Medical practitioners have told us that they frequently resort to using devices which are not licensed or properly designed for their application and that ad-hoc connection sets can become detached during the procedure, leading to loss of a precious sample. All this can cause a significant increase in risk and stress for both clinician and patient alike.

The design features these key advantages:
NEW LX™ LONGITUDINAL ECHO BEVEL DESIGN with in-line high resolution echogenic surface preparation to give smoother tissue penetration with pinpoint ultrasound definition of the needle tip.
INTEGRAL TUBING SET – purpose designed extension tube set is included in every pack for simple, safe attachment to the needle without the need to find costly off-the-shelf items which cannot offer guaranteed compatibility and security.
SECURE LUER LOCK FITTINGS ensure needle, extension set and syringes remain correctly and securely connected throughout
PURPOSE DESIGNED, CE MARKED and specified for amniocentesis and CVS which avoids the risks of using 'off license' devices.