SURGICO ABS Emergency Carts


SURGICO Series (China)
Emergency Cart / Crash Cart

ABS cart with single locking handle offers the security and convenience users require for simple access to every essential emergency response.

Stable maneuverability is built-in to every crash cart and a full line of accessories enhance user efficiency to support code team performance.

Asian clinics commonly use the Compact model. All units comes with 5″ castors, diagonally locking

NARROW carts are designed to better fit space-constrained clinics.
Standard width 79CM | Narrow Cart width : 58CM



Defibrillator shelf (multi position) 380 X 340mm

Cardiac Board 475 x 595 x 8.5mm | Oxygen Tank Holder (5 Lt) | Waste Bin with Lid |  IV pole (adjustable)