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MELINTEX® Traction Splint

Traction Splint (Leg Traction)
also known as a KTD

A traction splint is commonly used to treat complete long bone fractures of the leg, femur or tibia and fibula area by means of

1) straps attaching over the pelvis or hip as an anchor, a metal rod(s) to mimic normal bone stability and limb length, and

2) a mechanical device to apply traction (used to reduce pain, realign the limb, and minimize vascular and neurological complication) to the limb.

This relieves tissue pressure on a fractured leg by means of traction applied which prevents further injuries.

Made of aluminum body with durable nylon leg straps and traction mechanism.

ADULT 90 * 22 * 18CM | NW 2 kg
CHILD 80 * 18 * 17CM | NW 1.8 kg