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Zetuvit Dressing, Non-woven

Brand Hartmann

Moderate capacity exudate management dressing

10 X 20CM | REF 413 771 (Box of 25 pcs)
20 X 20CM | REF 413 774 (Box of 15 pcs)

Multi-layered, absorbent dressing pad specifically designed for effective exudate management. Zetuvit® is covered in a soft, non-woven, hydrophobic polyamide fibre. The inner surface of the cover has a high capillary activity, providing wicking of wound exudate into the central core of bleached cellulose fluff.

The backing layer of hydrophobic cellulose is permeable to air and moisture-repellent to help prevent strike-through. Zetuvit® at a glance: . High absorbency reduces the risk of maceration to the wound and surrounding tissue . Capillary action quickly absorbs fluid away from the wound into the central core, reducing the frequency of dressing changes

Low adherence to the wound, making it comfortable for residents during and between dressing changes

One-piece multi-layer sealed construction eliminates frayed edges, loose threads and linting

Permeable to air and moisture vapour