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8028 Wall Grab Bar

Alloymed PHC1968


Wall Grab Bar8028 Dimensions
Stainless Steel

Load Strength : 150 Kg *with proper installation


The stainless steel bar range has been updated to the new nylon coated stainless steel range for additional benefits such as :

1) Nylon coating comes with anti-bacterial properties

2) Stainless steel is cold to touch (especially during the night time)

3) Stainless steel is smooth , whereas the nylon is textured for grip. See the rest of the product range for further product info.

Safety Note
The safety grab bars should be installed properly and securely according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

You should avoid placing the safety grab bars in a diagonal position. A person’s hand can slip on a diagonally placed bar and this can cause them to fall. The best option is to place the bathtub safety bars vertically on the wall at that end of the bath tub which has the showers and faucets.

Grab bars in the bathtub will not only benefit young children and older adults, but will definitely make getting in and out of the tub much easier for all in the family. A bathtub safety rail will be installed according to the make and type of bath tub. The Safety grab bars should be installed taking into consideration the user’s height and also how they enter and exit the bathtub. Under no circumstances should you use towel bars as grab bars as they will not provide the necessary support and security.