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Acupuncture Model Body

Acupuncture Model
Full Body

1) Acupuncture Model 70CM
Model XC-502A

This acupuncture model is more detailed with acupoints and easy to learn and understand Chinese Acupuncture Science.
Size : 77x61x37cm

2) Deluxe Acupuncture Model 84CM
Model XC-502

Highly detailed colorful plastic model depicts the 14 Primary channels, 361 acupoints and the 48 extraordinary acupoints on the right side, along with “CUN” markers for easy evaluation of distances between points.

Left side features a subcutaneous view providing an invaluable look at the neural distribution, artery, vein, blood vessel and muscular structures. “Extra” point not located on the Primary channels.

Suitable for teaching and learning of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage etc.
Size : 89x38x47cm

3) Acupuncture Model 50CM Male
Model XC-503

Chinese acupuncture model highly ideal as a teaching aids. Each is carefully labeled with the appropriate pressure point and meridians of the ancient healing art.

Mounted on a handsome wooden stand.
Size : 53x39x52cm

Pictures for illustrative purposes only.