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Bactigras Tulle Gras

Brand Smith Nephew
Smith & Nephew
Chlorhexidine Acetate BP, 0.5% Tulle Gras

Available Size : 10cm x 10cm, Box of 10pcs

Bactigras is indicated for adjunctive treatment and prevention of infection in skin loss lesions, including wounds, burns and ulcers.

Bactigras is contraindicated in patients with a known, or suspected, sensitivity to chlorhexidine.

Photosensitivity, hypersensitivity and contact eczema have been observed, but the incidence has been very low. Since its introduction on the market in the U.K., reports indicate that the tulle presentation of chlorhexidine acetate causes only slight skin irritation or sensitization and that there is no pain on application.

Due to the cationic properties of chlorhexidine, Bactigras is incompatible with anionic surfactants and other anionic compounds. One layer of tulle gras only should be applied directly to the surface of lesions being treated, and this should be done with forceps under sterile conditions. Avoid contact with eyes, the middle ear, meninges and brain. Bactigras should not be used if the seal or wrapper is broken.

As a topical preparation, there have been no reports of chlorhexidine acetate overdosage by a systemic route. Accidental systemic administration of chlorhexidine solutions has failed to yield any specific ill effects, which were attributed to chlorhexidine. Gastric lavage is indicated for acute ingestion of chlorhexidine solutions.

Bactigras dressing is for administration to adults and children; it may be changed daily but frequency of application will depend upon the clinical circumstances (average: every 2-4 days).
It is intended that the dressing will be principally used on up to 15% body area wounds for adults, (10% body area wounds for children). Although there is insufficient evidence to establish the safety of more extensive use, such use on larger area wounds may be considered when in the opinion of the physician, the expected benefit outweighs the potential risks. (Reports indicate that chlorhexidine acetate 0.1% solutions have been used on body area wounds of up to 50% without ill effect). The dressing is to be applied directly to the wound surface, one layer only, with forceps, under sterile conditions.

Duration of administration will range from a few days to several months in extreme cases, depending upon the nature and severity of the wound. Treatment should be continued until satisfactory healing has occurred or until the wound site is ready for grafting. The drug should not be withdrawn from the therapeutic regimen while there remains the possibility of infection unless overt infection occurs, requiring specific alternative therapy, or a significant adverse reaction occurs.

Bactigras should be stored flat under controlled room temperature (< 25ºC)