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Emergency Eye Wash

Emergency Eye Wash Station
Irrigation for Eyes

Bright, easy to locate Eye Wash Station comes with complete eye wash bottles, dust cover, mirror, and instructions for use and service. A bracket holds the bottle securely in place, yet the bottle is easily released when pulled out.

Molded with strong high-impact plastic. The socket holds the eye wash bottle securely and keeps the discharge tube in place. A clear dust cover keeps the eye cup free of contamination and flips off for quick emergency use.

Comes with 4 screw holes for wall mounting.

Double Size 18” x 14” (46 cm x 36 cm)
2 reusable empty bottles 1000 ml

Single Size 17 ½” x 15” (44 cm x 38 cm)
1 reusable empty bottle 500 ml or 1000ml

Maintenance of Scienceware® Eye Wash Bottles

1. Wash the Eye Wash Bottle and all accessory parts: cap, tubes, etc. in mild detergent solution.

2. Rinse well to remove all traces of detergent.

3. Under clean conditions, fill Eye Wash Bottle completely.
(We recommend Scienceware® sterile eye wash solution refill # F24879-0032. Please note that once the refill bottle has been opened, the sterility of the solution cannot be assured).

4. Replace top, close cap and return to emergency station.

5. If an eye wash bottle is used, empty it completely and proceed through steps 1-4 before replacing in station.

6. After using an eye wash bottle, the injured individual should see a physician at once for examination and treatment.
To ensure cleanliness, it is advisable to establish a regular eye wash bottle cleaning and eye wash solution replacement procedure.


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