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Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow

Alloymed PHC1968

Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow

The unique design of the Neck traction pillow makes it comfortable and easy to use. It is thin and light weight, allowing near full range of movements whilst worn. Adjust the air pressure for comforting relief, relaxation and effective stretching.

The main concept of neck traction is to elongate the neck muscles and separate cervical vertebrae, which often results in rapid and prolonged relief from the soreness and irritation that accompanies cervical problems. Gentle, intermittent traction exercises the neck muscles increasing circulation. Whilst firm, static traction lowers the pressure between vertebrae, freeing pinched nerves and easing herniated discs.

For overall wellbeing, a proper daily neck and shoulder exercise program recommended by a doctor should be carried out. This is for developing strong muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the neck. Maintaining correct and proper posture, when sitting, standing, walking and sleeping

Inflate the pillow gradually and deflate under any discomfort.
Limit to no more than 3 times daily to avoid over stretching your neck.
Not to be used by children.
Take note to release air slowly (not abruptly) after each treatment.

Care of your neck
Take note to listen to your body.
Avoid traction over doing! Similar to devices available in the market, neck damage may occur if done too many times and at too strong a pressure.

Any fractures; cervical, spinal, sternum
Postoperative conditions
Severe rheumatoid arthritis
Inflammatory disease
Any malignancy
Mental disorders
Spinal cord injuries
Blood clotting disorders
*It is recommended that patients consult a doctor before self-medication.