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Laboratory Weighing Scale, Electronic

Based on the reliable JJ series, great improvements have been achieved with additional functions by the JJ-Y series. It features weighing unit exchange function for 7 units. The integrated compensation load cell enables the measurement of lightly magnetized metal object such as iron or nickel and it also offers the customer great mobility and flexibility by enabling battery operation. The 15 mm LCD Display can provide an excellent readability of measuring result with its integrated backlight by usage in the dark environment.

The connection to the printer and computer can be established through the embedded RS232 interface.

Product Features
Robust chassis construction with aluminum alloy
15 mm Backlight-LCD-Display
Single point load cell (strain gauge)
Stainless steel weighing plate on metal support
Plastic wind protection
7 weighing units (g, ct, ozt, oz, GN, dwt, lb)
Count function (Reference number: 1/10/20/50/100)
Tare function
Automatic calibration function
Compensation load cell
Mains or Battery operation