LSP Portable Resuscitator

The LSP Portable Resuscitator is a quickly accessible and efficiently organized airway management system designed for the EMS professional.

Plastic Case space fits JUMBO D oxygen cylinder though only D size oxygen cylinders are available through Progress Healthcare.
Replaceable latches and steel hinges provide maximum durability.

Regulator Supply Pressure: 40-60 psig at 2200 psig
For full specifications on flow rates, see the sell sheets for the LSP EMT Resuscitator and LSP Demand/Resuscitator Valve
Regulator Inlet Fitting: CGA 870 (Pin-Index Yoke)
Case Dimensions: Plastic Case: 8″ x 9.5″ x 23.5″ (20.3 x 24.1 x 59.7 cm)
Soft Case: 10″ x 9″ x 24″ (25.4 x 22.9 x 60.9 cm)
Complete Kit Weight: approximately 17-19 lbs. (7.7-8.6 kg), depending on equipment included

Complete unit includes
LSP Regulator
Oxygen Cylinder
Demand Valve w/hose
Aspirator w/hose
Adult Cuffed Mask
Adult Disposable Mask
Adult Airways and Case
Orange carrying case (Plastic)
Optional : Soft Pack Case (L040124)

The low flow selections on the included oxygen regulator provide accurate low flow delivery from 0-25 lpm. The reusable venturi aspirator uses the oxygen flow to provide up to -400 mm Hg at 30 lpm for effective emergency aspiration of the oral/nasal area. The unit comes with a replaceable 8 ounce polypropylene aspirator jar.

The kit is housed in a highly-visible orange plastic case with an integrated handle. The case is designed to securely hold either a D (M-15, 425 liters) or a Jumbo D (M-22, 640 liters) oxygen cylinder. This lightweight case is buoyant and will float in water for a short period of time, allowing for immediate retrieval. The two-piece hinged door allows easy access to the oxygen regulator and demand valve, as well as the cylinder valve.

Made of high-density polyethylene plastic with recessed stainless steel hinges, the case is impervious to corrosive materials, chemicals, and adverse weather conditions. Hinges, latches and the plastic case are designed to withstand rugged use and provide years of trouble-free service. They are guaranteed to be free of workmanship defects for a period of two years. When necessary, latches are easily replaced.