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Microscope Monocular Binocular



Laboratory Microscopes

Model 808- Binocular
Model 802- Monocular
45 degrees inclined with eye pieces
Wide field eye pieces 10x (diameter 18).
Quadruple nosepiece with achromatic objectives
4X , 10X, 2 X 40XR , 2 X 100X (OIL)
Mechanical stage 124 x 153mm , moving range 70 x 50mm
Co-axial focusing mechanism
N.A.  1.25 ABBE condenser with IRIS diaphragm and filter
Plano-concave mirror
Revolving nosepieces 4 holes
30 binocular body
Collector lens
Illuminator 230V 50Hz with incandescent lamp 6V/115 Watts
Miscroscope body with arm, stand coarse and fine adjustment, black dust cover
Comes in a Wooden carrying case.