Sangofix Blood Set

Sangofix B
Blood administration set, non-vented for flexible blood bags
Sold in 1 carton of 10 pkt. Each pkt contains 10 pcs  | Not sold Loose.

A set for the intravenous administration of blood and blood components.

The drip chamber is generally equipped with a standard blood filter of 200 µm to eliminate blood clots and cellular debris of storage from the infusing blood component. Gravity administration set suitable for 3 to 4 blood units.
  • Non-vented piercing spike. Blunt spike tip to avoid bag penetration
  • Fully transparent upper part of drip chamber allows quick drop rate check
  • Unique push ring for comfortable and secure gripping
  • Extended, detached drip element within drip chamber provides even drop formation; 20 drops = 1ml ± 0.1 ml (aqua dist.)
  • Elastic pump chamber for easy fluid level setting
  • Drip chamber with blood filter basket, pore size 200 µm, filter area 11 cm2, provides good flow rate while retaining larger particles
  • Drip chamber material PVC free
  • Advanced, precise roller clamp, good to control flow rate, comfortable to hold
  • Spike dock for secure spike discard. Housing colour “white”
  • Screw tight Luer Lock fitting to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Soft, clear PVC tubing with standard lumen 3 x 4.1 mm, standard length 150 cm (optionally 200 cm), DEHP free plasticizer with superior, well documented safety properties
  • Pressure resistant max. 400 mm Hg (0.5 bar)
  • Spike optionally with steel tip (for ozone therapy)
  • All design features in accordance with International Standard ISO 1135-4
    (Transfusion sets for single use)