Surgico 767 Height Weight Scale


Brand Surgico

Surgico 767 Height & Weight Scale

Lightweight and slender, the Healthweigh® Physician Scale is a professional tool providing precision weighing information. The design patented scale is multifunctional: height and weight are indicated in a single task operation for BMI calculation.

The adjustable height rod is suitable for children and adults. Range : 70cm to 204cm



Movement compensation technology
BMI function
5 digit ¾” LCD/Positive FSTN
Automatic Reweighing
Height Range: 70cm – 204cm
Ports: RS232 and USB
Optional: Bluetooth
Electrical Power
230v/120v input, DC 9V output
Auto power off
6 X 1.5AA batteries
Low battery indicator
H151-5 Class III H150-5 Non-Class III
Capacity 250kg / 550lb 250kg / 550lb
Graduation 0.1kg / 0.2lb 0.1kg / 0.2lb
Total Weight 12kg / 26.5lb 12kg / 26.5lb
Product Size 567 x 375 x 1331 mm 567 x 375 x 1331 mm
Platform Size  375 x 375 x 78 mm  375 x 375 x 78 mm

Usage of the Surgico 767 Integrated Height Rod
The height rod is recessed within the column and will not get misalinged.

Below Left : Read off the height rod for heights less than 109cm
Middle        : Push the horizontal flap all the way to the top. Read result at the mid-line.
Right           : Incorrect Usage. Horizontal flap must be pushed all the way to the top.

Do not use batteries and electrical source concurrently.

Surgico 767 Weighing Scale