Warwick Range Autoclavable Plastics

Warwick Range
Decontamination & Sterile Services, Operating Rooms, Clinics & Surgeries

The Warwick Range of hospital holloware consists of almost 100 different products. For over 30 years this type of equipment has proved economical and labour saving for the following:

• Sterile Services
• Decontamination Departments
• Operating Rooms
• Clinics

All products comply with ISO 9001:2000 and are considered as Class 1 medical devices CE marked. Products are designed to meet the requirements of BSS452 British Standard for hospital holloware. Material used in all products is Homopolymer polypropylene (unless stated). Polypropylene is identified as a material Class 5 and can be recycled. Products are designed for repetitive washing and autoclaving at 135 ° C.

– Instrument Trays & Lids
– Mesh & Perforated Instrument Trays & Lids
– DIN style & Compartment Trays
– Silicon Protection & Tray Tags
– Disinfection Sets & Medical Boxes
– Gallipots, Lotion Bowls, Theatre Bowls
– Kidney Dishes & Jug