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Alloymed Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Mobile

Alloymed PHC1968

Oxygen Cylinder Trolley

143A Epoxy powder coated
Mild steel construction.
Tubular steel framework
Mobile on 2 units of 125mm rubber castors.

For cylinder capacities of
(a) Model 143-A1: 48cu.ft – 1.4m3.
Fits Size D tank (0.7L)(b) Model 143-A2: 80cu.ft – 2.4m3.
Fits tank (1.4L)
4kg, 18cm diameter X 70cm

(c) Model 143-A3: 120cu.ft – 3.4m3.
(d) Model 143-A4: 240cu.ft – 6.8m3.