Clickfine Pen Needles


Clickfine universal-clickClickfine pen-needle-sizesClickfine Pen Needles

Made with patented click-on technology, Clickfine pen needles simply click on diabetes pens. They make attaching a pen needle faster and easier than ever. Make them part of your insulin delivery and diabetes management system.

Simple from the Start

Tear-off tab makes it easy to grip and remove the peel foil. Click on the pen needle and press it straight on – the secure fit is ensured through an audible 'click'. Tip: If you have manual dexterity issues, place the pen needle vertically on a table and click the pen onto it from above.

Available Models
#3200925 31G x 6mm(Box of 100s)
#3200926 31G x 8mm (Box of 100s)

Use Pen Needles Only Once

Modern pen needles, like Clickfine, are extremely thin and sharp, and are coated with a lubricating film. This results in a gentle and comfortable injection – but what can happen if you use a pen needle more than once?

While many people with diabetes reuse their pen needles for convenience or savings, reusing a pen needle can be more painful and cause problems or harm.

Here are some really good reasons why you should use your pen needles once – and not reuse them:

  • Increased injection pain and injuries. The tip of a reused pen needle can become blunt or bent, and the easy-glide coating may wear away causing more pain, bleeding, small injuries and bruising at the injection site
  • Tissue hardening. Injuries or even bleeding at the injection site may lead to tissue hardening or lumps of fatty tissue (lipodystrophy)*
  • Infection. Once used, a pen needle is no longer sterile so there’s an increased risk of infections
  • Needle clogging. Insulin can crystallize in a reused pen needle, causing it to be clogged and the injection unsafe
  • Inaccurate dosing. Leaving a pen needle attached to a pen after use can also cause the medication to leak out or air bubbles to form in the cartridge, resulting in a wrong dose
    Clickfine pen needles are high-quality, sterile, single-use needles. Using them only once ensures a healthy, clean and effective injection.*Injections into hardened tissue (lipodystrophy) affects insulin absorption making the insulin dose effectiveness difficult to calculate. The consequences are unexplainable blood sugar fluctuations.

    What the microscope reveals

    The tip of a pen needle may be damaged after just one use. While not visible with the naked eye, that damage may become even worse with each reuse. The following magnified photos show a new needle and the types of damage that can take place as a needle is used and reused.
    Clickfine needle-before-after