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CLINELL Universal Range

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Refill Kit CWTUB100R 20cm x 20cm wipes

UNIVERSAL POUCH 200pcs CW200 | 22 x 28cm wipes
UNIVERSAL SPRAY 500ml CDS500   | Liquid Spray


Universal because the wipe functions as a disinfectant and detergent wipe simultaneously and can be used on hands, all surfaces and all ward based equipment.

Not only is it a detergent and disinfectant wipe combined but it can be used on hands, all surfaces and all non-invasive equipment.
Very extensive data package with all test protocols published and validated from accredited UK laboratories.

  • Broad range of antimicrobial activity (does not inlcude spores)
  • Demonstrates very fast contact time for most pathogens
  • Demonstrates very high kill count



FAQ Section

Q: Caution statements associated with these products?
For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops, if irritation persists for more than 72 hours seek medical advice. Use on complex or invasive equipment is not advised. If using for prolonged periods wear gloves. Do not macerate (unless you are using the macerateable version). Do not flush.

Q: Active ingredients in Clinell Universal Wipes
The formulation in Clinell Universal Wipes is a patented antimicrobial solution developed by GAMA Healthcare’s Research & Development Department containing 6 different biocides including 2 quaternary ammonium compounds and 1 polymeric biguanide designed to work synergistically. This means that the effectiveness of the biocides is increased by many multiples when working in tandem together. This ensures a wide antimicrobial activity and a high kill count with this wipe.

In addition the wipe contains surfactant to act as a detergent, glycol for a moisturizing effect on skin and a chelating agent.

Q: Does using disinfectants increase the chance of resistance occurring with germs?
Because there are 6 different biocides and each functions to kill germs by using a different mechanism of action, there is no risk to resistance occurring over long term use.

Q: Why is the kill count important to know?
A: Apart from how fast it takes a disinfectant to work i.e. contact time, it is also important to determine what happens when the contact time is reached and how much a particular germ has been killed. It would not be much use to have a fast contact time and a low kill count that allowed the majority of the microbe to be still active.

This reduction in germs or kill count is expressed in a log form and put simply, the log number is the number of 9s that is expressed in a percentage reduction. For example, 2 log reduction is 99%, 4 log reduction is 99.99% and so on.

Clinell Universal Wipes have demonstrated a 5 log kill count (99.999%) of most germ groups in the contact time specified.

Q: What can you use the Universal Wipes on?
A: The wipe is designed to be safe to use on all surfaces and will not damage rubbers, plastics or metals. Alcohol based wipes tend to damage materials after prolonged use but this will not occur with Clinell Universal Wipes. It can also be used on all non-invasive equipment as well as hands.

If you are unsure about whether the wipes are suitable to use on a particular object or surface please call the sales team and we will be more than happy to assist. Always follow medical equipment manufacturers cleaning procedures and guidelines.

Q: Does the wipe retain some of the disinfectant?
Generally, wipe materials contain certain molecules that can hold and lock the wipe formulation into the wipe to prevent release. In other words, the disinfectant liquid that is put into a wipe is not the same as when extracted off a wipe. Therefore testing must be done on the run off from the wipe rather then the formulation itself. GAMA Healthcare is one of the very few companies that ensures the testing is done on the run off from the wipes. We only use accredited laboratories to do this testing.

Q: What products do these wipes replace?
This wipe will replace all detergent and disinfectant surface wipes (except for Sporicidal Wipes) and by doing so will help standardize wipe usage in a hospital. This saves time, money and helps to prevent confusion with the type of wipe that is required. It will also replace hand wipes, medical device wipes (non-invasive medical devices) and surface cleaners.

Q : What germs can the Universal Wipe kill?
In addition to knowing the contact time and kill count, it is very important to know which germs the formulation released from the wipe, is active against. The testing behind Clinell Universal Wipes is very extensive and has been conducted at many UK accredited laboratories. The wipes have been shown to be active against many germ groups, although this does not include spores.

This includes all gram positive and gram negative bacteria, all enveloped viruses, various non enveloped viruses, fungi, protozoa and mycobacteria. The kill count and contact time will vary depending on which particular organism is being targeted.

Q : Anti-Bacterial testing and location.
Many tests have been conducted on this wipe including EN tests such as EN1276, EN12054 and EN1500. In addition, the wipes have also been tested specifically against certain pathogens. The wipes have been dermatologically tested and have also been tested against a wide variety of materials which also show their safety.

The tests mentioned have been conducted at various UK laboratories or institutions, all of which are accredited and the test data that we publish outlines the test method and all results are validated.

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