Drapolene Skin Barrier Cream

Drapolene contains 2 gentle, yet powerful antiseptics, which kill the urine-splitting microorganisms. It treats and prevents the infection whilst it soothes and brings relief to adult’s/baby’s tender skin. The specially formulated cream is easy to apply and will not block the action of one-way nappy liners of disposable nappies.

Tube – 100gm
Bottle – 200gm

Treatment and prevention of nappy rash in babies and children. Provides soothing relief for minor burns and wounds.

When applying Drapolene cream, spread evenly paying particular attention to the folds of the skin. It is important to make sure that the affected area is dry and free from all traces of soap.

Adults or Babies: Change soiled nappies regularly. Wash and dry baby’s bottom and apply Drapolene cream after every nappy change.

Benzalkonium Cl soln 0.02%, cetrimide 0.2%