Wet Bell (Bed Wetting Alarm)

Alloymed PHC1968

Wet Bell (Bed wetting bell)

Bed Wetting Basics
Bed-wetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is a common problem for children and adults whose reflexes have been disturbed for some reason.

How is bed-wetting treated?
Medical experiments and examinations have proven that the alarm therapy is the most effective treatment.

Tips for using the Wetbell alarm
The Wetbell sensor sheet is placed in the bed.
The alarm goes off as soon as the child starts to urinate in bed.
After 4-12 weeks the child’s reflexes have been trained such that during sleep, the muscles are automatically tightened when the bladder is taut.

The sensitivity of the alarm is adjustable so that it will not react to perspiration.
The sensor sheet is classified as very hygienic as it only consists of one single layer and is easy to clean.

Signs of progress

-waking and getting up to the alarm.
-smaller wet patches.
-the alarm going off later in the night.
-a dry night

Wetbell should cure the problem in 4-12 weeks