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Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter


Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter

In years of clinical tests, both Mini-Wright models have delivered exceptional and consistent accuracy.

This enables a patient to use a Mini-Wright at home, and use a different Mini-Wright at the Clinic, yet still rely on the readings obtained.

Mini-Wright peak flow meters also have a built-in one-way valve – an individual is prevented from inhaling through the device. This reduces the risk from others who have previously used the meter. It also facilitates the use of inexpensive cardboard tubes as disposable mouthpieces.

Mini-Wrights are constructed from medical grade materials – they can be cleaned easily by agitation in mild detergent, rinsing, and allowing to dry completely.

•Individually calibrated.
•Built-in one-way valve.
•Suitable for most older children and adults.
•60-800 Litres per minute measuring range.
•Durable construction for years of reliable performance.
•Supplied complete with instructions for use, patient self-monitoring chart and sterilizeable universal mouthpiece.

Adult or Child available



This Peak Flow Meter does not require maintenance (other than cleaning) or calibration for the three years following its first use.
At the end of the three years, it should be replaced. When not in use, this device should be kept in a clean, dry area away from any hazardous substances. It is important to keep your Peak Flow Meter clean when in use. It should be cleaned at least once every six months and thoroughly if it has not been used for some time. The mouthpiece is detachable and should be kept clean using proprietary disinfectant solution such as Dettol. Fungal growths may occur if the instrument has not been cleaned for some time.

The Dettol equivalent Rexoguard can be found here.
Click to Download the Cleaning Instructions
Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter - Cleaning Instructions LoRes