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Purple Royal Seat Cushion

The Purple® Royal Seat Cushion
Around the House

Give yourself the Royal Treatment when you turn any hard chair into the comfiest seat in the house. The Royal Seat Cushion is the most popular choice for anyone who wants to make their house the comfiest of homes.

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Purple Technology

What is the Purple Grid™?
No Pressure® Support for Every Body. The Purple Grid™ is the only comfort innovation that is instantly soft where you want it, firm where you need it, and comfortably cool all night. In other words, it’s the just-right-all-night feeling you’ve been dreaming of.

A temperature-neutral gel
Peak pressures eliminated. Soft and yet Supportive. All at once. No more sore ifs-or-butts.
Instantly adapts to your body. Ultra-durable and never sinks, year after year.