Traumitane Recovery Rub


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Traumitane is a fast acting cooling action multi-use formula.

With powerful Arnica 11.5mg, Glucosamine 5.5mg For Joints + Menthol 53mg for better recovery from everyday accidents, knocks and niggles, sport stresses and strains, the effects of exercise and prolonged exertion or wear + tear on joints and muscles.

COOL DOWN RECOVERY with Traumitane
Traumitane powerful Arnica helps to restore well-being whilst the Glucosamine component works to improve the joint processes that may be affected with lack of mobility.

Traumitane Recovery is recommended for the following
• All sports “first response” recovery for fatigue or injury
• Aged worn joints, ex-sport, weekend warriors
• Everyday consumer first choice for muscle or joints injuries
• Youth and school sport
• A+E Clinics, Sports Med, Teams.
• Physio magazine
• Personal Trainers recommendation

Percutane - Bumps and Bruises

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 of Traumitane

  • Arnica ( Every ml of product contains 11mg Arnica! )
    Extra Strength Arnica has natural anti-inflammatory, antibruising properties, muscle fatigue.

  • Glucosamine ( Every ml of product contains 5.5mg Glucosamine Sulphate! )
    Glucosamine provides joint maintenance to aid joint cartilage and is often clinically used to prevent cartilage degeneration and treat arthritis.

  • Menthol ( Every ml of product contains 53mg Menthol! )
    A cool soothing effect for pain and acute injury relief

  • free from NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs)

  • natural anti-inflammatory

  • clinically formulated and fast acting rapid response

  • suitable for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis, sports injuries and muscle cramps

  • consumer friendly – no lasting odor and no cream under finger nails

  • professional tube allows easy application, only 3 applications required every dayTraumitane Range