Uripads Adult Panty Diapers


“Uripads” adult diapers was first introduced into Singapore and the region in the 1980s as the region’s first affordable adult diapers.

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Makes you feel free wherever you go
“Uripads” all-in-one adult diapers are particularly suitable for several forms of incontinence.

The surface layer of the adult diaper allows urine to pass through and the absorbent material soaks it rapidly. Therefore no spillage occurs even with fast flow. “Uripads” adult diapers gives a positive sealing against leakage, even when the patient is lying down or sideways.

“Uripads “adult diapers are fastened with double tapes and can be opened and resealed. A special super-absorbent material which has a binding effect on urine ensures that virtually no fluid is released even under pressure. In this way the surface of the adult diaper stays dry and the risk of skin irritation is minimized.

Pack of 14 pcs | Carton of 4 pkt
Withstands 1 – 3 wettings

Sizes are measured by the HIP.
Medium 30″ to 40″ | Large 36″ to 48”

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