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ZAMST RUNNING, Z-20 Compression Top (Short Sleeves)
For Men Only

The ZAMST Power Guide design supports the body by a combination of cloth with different elasticity. The Power Guide design combination features two kinds of fabric with different stretching rates and wicking ability. The optimally-positioned two kinds of material with different stretching rates guide proper running form without joint immobilization.

A:Weak power B:Strong power | Reduces Slouching Posture when Running

ZAMST PoorPosture

Additional Benefits
Stabilizes the trunk 
Power Guide axis along the spine, to stimulate the abdominal muscles.
To relax the shoulder posture
By directing and relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles.
Reduce the burden of muscle

Reduction in burden of vibration and shock to the muscles.

ZAMST SIZING Z20 Short Shirt


ZAMST Running Posture

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