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Medizar Wipe 200s, 30 Day Protection


Medizar Sanitiser Products
Made in U.K.

Which other product kills 99.9999% of all bacteria, viruses etc?

Alcohol-free, Medizar is an effective yet gentle formula, it will not damage rubbers, plastics or metals even with prolonged use! It is not soapy and does not leave a sticky feel.

Available Range
30 Days Protection for Surfaces :

  • Wipes in Pouches, 200 pcs
  • Surface Sanitiser 5L
  • Surface Sanitiser 500ML w/ Spray Head

6 Hour Protection for Hand Sanitisers :

  • Hand Sanitiser 5L bottles
  • Hand Sanitiser 500ML bottles

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There are many anti-bacterial / hand sanitiser type products on the market.  These however have major disadvantages as they tend to be alcohol based, have no BS / EN Certification, will irritate and dry the skin and offer no barrier protection – they are only effective whilst the alcohol is still moist, normally just a few seconds.  Some products, even though labelled as ‘alcohol free’ still contain small percentages of alcohol.

MEDiZAR® sanitiser from the UK.
Supported by full BS/EN (British/European Standards) Certification

MediZar® is a hygiene revolution – powerful, gentle and long lasting, it is certified to kill MRSA and E.Coli in 30 seconds, and is guaranteed to kill 99.9999% of harmful and deadly bacteria & viruses including: MRSA, E.Coli, C-Difficile, Salmonella, C.Difficile, Listeria , Legionella.

MediZar® is the only unique product in the market with the following qualities :

    • tested and Certified to provide 30 days protection against tested bacteria on hard surface areas such as hospital floors, ambulances, ward furniture, ward surfaces, doors, washrooms, toilets, etc.
    • will provide 6 hours protection on the skin with one application
      Cost savings from having to do less applications.
    • completely alcohol free, Halal Certified
    • 100% Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable
    • NO Hazard Indicators and is Non-Irritant to the skin
      Skin friendly even to those with psoriasis and eczema and is completely irritant free.
    • gained BS EN Certificate 13697 (30 second kill) against MRSA & E.Coli
    • registered for the 2012 EU Biocidal Directive, and is fully compliant.

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Weight 300 kg