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Purple Pillow


The Purple® Pillow
Ergonomic Neck Support

New-age comfort science for cooling, no-fluff support.

Where your sleepy head truly yearns to be! No more lumpy foam, stabby feathers and melty memory foam. Introducin ght efirst innovation in pillows since geese.

  • Purple Grid™ with reinforced edges are engineered to support your neck’s natural curvature
  • Ultra-durable Hyper-Elastic Polymer®
  • Temperature-neutral material allows passive airflow
  • Remove from the cover and wash in warm water with gentle soap, then let air dry
  • Machine wash the cover with like colors in cold water, tumble dry low


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Pillow Material

Hyper-Elastic Polymer Purple Grid
Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating

Cover Material

88% Polyester, 3% Nylon, 9% Spandex Mesh
*Adjustable Boosters No Longer Included

Pillow Size : 24″ x 16″ x 3″ |  Ship Size : 8″ x 17″

Weight : 10.2 lbs

Purple Technology

What is the Purple Grid™?
No Pressure® Support for Every Body. The Purple Grid™ is the only comfort innovation that is instantly soft where you want it, firm where you need it, and comfortably cool all night. In other words, it’s the just-right-all-night feeling you’ve been dreaming of.

A temperature-neutral gel
Peak pressures eliminated. Soft and yet Supportive. All at once. No more sore ifs-or-butts.
Instantly adapts to your body. Ultra-durable and never sinks, year after year.