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Toffeln UltraLite

Brand Toffeln Logo Ultra LiteToffeln Ultra Lite 2012


The new generation Ultra Lite has many exciting new patterns to choose from.
• The specially designed fit enables your feet to spread naturally
• Soft leather insoles relieve tired feet
• Easy-to-clean leather uppers have a special polyurethane coating that resists fluid penetration

• Antistatic soles• Unisex comfort shoes

 Available Models
  • Model 0400 : plain uppers with side vent holes to help cool the feet
  • Model 0401 : with plain uppers for easy cleaning
  • Model 0424 : Ladies styled comfort shoe w/elasticated heel strap
  • Model 0497 : with adjustable heel strap and patterned uppers
  • Model 0498 : with adjustable heel strap & side vents
  • Model 0499 : with adjustable heel strap & plain upper




Adult Men’s and Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Table.
MW indicates Men or Women Size option. Other systems are for either gender.

 WearerTech Footwear Range

The new name behind Toffeln clogs of U.K., WearerTech incorporates new science to specially provide users with the correct support and a new definition of ALL DAY COMFORT. It’s no longer about the product. It’s all about reducing the pain you get from having to stand all day, everyday..

Reduce your calf pain, back pain which leads to soreness in the neck and shoulders.
Tested and proven materials enhance WearerTech’s Shoes.

Just what you want. A productive day brought about by reduced musculoskeletal disorders

Why WearerTech?

You spend your life on your feet – standing, walking, working. You know how your body feels at the end of a long shift. WearerTech shoes let you finish a busy working day with fresh feet.

When you choose WearerTech, you know you’re getting footwear that’s designed with you in mind.